Fix Your Finances Video Course


Ready to Fix Your Finances in just 35 minutes? Of course you are! In this video course Pete the Planner® walks you through the Four Ways to Change Spending Behavior today. This course includes a downloadable workbook and 35 minutes of video.

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This is a 35 minute video course hosted on, a leader in online learning. In this course Pete will teach you how to budget, pay off debt, save for the future, and curb your spending habits. But most importantly, you’ll hone the skill of ACTION. This course is broken down into a lesson and then an action step. A downloadable workbook serves as an another tool to help you take the information you learn and turn it into true progress. You can save and return to the course at your leisure. This course is appropriate for any adult, at any income level. On a scale from beginner to advanced, this course is a moderate difficulty level. This course can be purchased and viewed through


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