Million Dollar Plan Video Training Course


The Million Dollar Plan Video Training Course is a comprehensive plan to help you become a millionaire. No gimmicks. This is a plan to make you a millionaire. Don't misunderstand though, this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a plan that will teach you to harness your income and begin saving and investing as much money as possible toward your million dollar goal. Reality is, to retire you MUST have at least a million dollars. You can use this plan to become a millionaire sooner, or you can use it to get your bare-minimum million dollars for retirement.

This training course runs over the course of a four week period.

This four-week live training course includes:
• Two and half hours of video training
• Four live webinars with Pete
• Five calculator worksheets
• Five fill-in-the-blank worksheets
• Dedicated email address for questions
• Eight plus emails with videos and encouragement
• Three real life case studies going through the Million Dollar Plan

Individuals should make at least $50,000 annually/households should make $75,000 annually for this course to be the right fit.

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